About Us

PURPLEMAROON is a knitwear and RTW brand designed in San Francisco.

PURPLEMAROON is an idea to create a clothing brand different from what is found in the market.  A brand created for all body types, all age groups and that lives free from changing trends.  To be part of the slow fashion movement and at the same time to be unique, colorful, eye-catching, and most importantly fun.  By combining classic and timeless fabrics, yarns, and colors with strong original prints that are full of life.  PURPLEMAROON offers unique knitwear, shirts, dresses, tops, bottoms, and other pieces that make a comprehensive and assorted offering.  

The two colors in the name PURPLEMAROON are favorites of a combination of people who have influenced my life.  Color is a universal language.  I want my brand to be inclusive and diverse for all women, all ages, and all body types.  It’s an ongoing process and I hope I will continue to learn and to grow as a designer to bring beauty to people’s lives.

Knitwear, especially natural yarn, has always been my favorite raw material, so it is natural that I’ve created an entire line made of this material. As a believer in the importance of sustainability, I practice infrequent and deliberate use of material and I carry that belief into my design. Each PURPLEMAROON piece is designed to be an integral part of the wardrobe, to be worn season after season.  Through conversation and feedback from my customers and friends, I’m able to stay focused on offering exciting options to meet their needs and desires.