The Making of the Brand and the Name - Why purplemaroon?

What is behind the name purplemaroon?  Is it just the colors? 

Yes, color is involved, but that is not all.  Color can attract, encourage, and engage. It adds value to our lives.  Color, thankfully, is all around us.  Color drives our brains.  Color excites, motivates, and gives visual order to complex information. Whether noticeable or not, it is color that helps us perceive our environment, interpret our day, and even showcase our own motivation and moods. Color is amazing.  Color is an international language that crosses so many boundaries. What else can enlighten, empower, and inspire in the same way? 

We often get asked about our name, “Why purplemaroon?” or “What it is about these colors we love?”  Great questions.

To help us better answer, we look at: What makes up maroon?  What colors are combined to create this deeper hue?

For a cool shade of maroon, one starts with primary red, adds in a small amount of blue, and lastly puts in a touch of black. The warmer shades of maroon start the same, instead of the blue a small amount of yellow is used to achieve a warmer tone.  But is it just the hue that excites us or does it all have a deeper meaning? In studying the psychology of the color, one finds:

Red - This color is a warm and positive color.  It exudes a strong powerful energy. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It signifies assertiveness, and confidence.  It displays strong leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination.  It is energizing. It is passionate, spontaneous, stimulating, and determined.

In much the same way, these qualities are at the base of purplemaroon’s design.  For us, all the passion we put into the designs and company can be quantified with the same energy, drive, and ambition.

Blue - The color of the sky and the ocean. Blue is peaceful, and tranquil. Blue also symbolizes loyalty.  

Our clothes are designed to be that “go-to item” in your closet that is reliable, easy, effortless, and always comfortable to wear  while still showcasing incredible style.

Black - Black is perceived as the color of authority and power.  

We design to give confidence to each woman who wears purplemaroon. We want each woman to feel empowered in our clothes. Our timeless basics are the perfect compliment for every woman’s wardrobe. 

For that hint of Yellow - Cheerful sunny yellow is an attention getter. it is an optimistic color. Yellow enhances concentration and even metabolism.

Our designs are modern, and clean.  They showcase the woman.  The purplemaroon woman grabs attention just by being in the room. She enhances the world around her.

When these primary colors are crafted, blended, and brought together something very beautiful occurs. For us it is the same way.  Yet it is not just the colors, but the emotions too.  The color helps us describe all that goes into purplemaroon designs. 

So Why purplemaroon?  The name is a combination of so many qualities and attributes, not only what we put into the design and but also the brand.  We won’t say that color is the only aspect to our name, but we will say the answer is more than skin deep.

purplemaroon designs are thoughtful, purposeful, and sophisticated.  Our style showcases the inner, determined, and sophisticated ambition found in all women. 

Come be inspired by purplemaroon and see for yourself.


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