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Paper Denim | Slow Fashion

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Our efforts to promote Slow Fashion at purplemaroon are multi-fold and one facet of this is in the textiles we choose.  Learn more about our fashion philosophy here.

A key part of our Fall|Winter 2016 Collection is our use of Paper Denim fabric.


Paper Denim Car Coat

Paper Denim Car Coat


We are excited to incorporate this new textile, Paper Denim, in our Fall|Winter Collection. Paper Denim is the newest development of a leading textile mill in Japan. It is produced from the fast-growing hemp tree, which allows for great sustainability.  


Paper Denim Midi Pocket Skirt

Paper Denim Pocket Midi Skirt


From growing to harvesting, Paper Denim offers a low environmental impact.  During the yarn making process no harmful gasses are emitted. It is 100% organic and a biodegradable textile.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an International standard to control harmful substances in textile products. It evaluates and screens for any harmful substances present within processed textiles. OJO+ cleared is its strictest condition. A textile with this rating means it is certified as  very safe and one of the best eco-friendly products available. purplemaroon’s Paper Denim is certified as OJO+. We are offering one of the best textiles in the market today.


Paper Denim Slit Tie Dress

Paper Denim Slit Tie Dress 


Whereas we are thrilled about Paper Denim’s sustainability and low environmental impact, it also offers equally great textile characteristics as it has high-water absorbency, is machine-washable, has a quick dry time and a great hand feel in a 100% natural fiber, and it is lightweight, yet has a strength greater than linen.


Paper Denim Soft Trouser

Paper Denim Soft Trouser


At purplemaroon, we offer the best in modern design for women.  Our clothes are not meant to be fast fashion, but rather timeless pieces which are crafted with meticulous detail and quality to last for years to come.  


purplemaroon Fall Collection


Order your Paper Denim pieces today from our Fall|Winter 2016 Collection. Quantities are limited.




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