Fast Fashion vs. Slow Fashion - Clothes that are worth your time, money and you.


Slow Fashion      

Clothes worth your time, your money, and most of all, you.


Have you ever purchased clothes to follow a fad and later wondered, “Why?”, “What was I thinking?” Maybe you purchased clothing and found after a wash or two the garment did not launder well.  After a wear or two the t-shirt or sweater material ‘pill’ed.  The item just did not stand up and either became trash or you now push it to the back of your closet.  This type of clothing is labeled as “fast fashion.”

Fast or disposable fashion is easily compared to fast food.  A quick fix or a decision that does not necessarily have any long-term value.  It is easily consumed.  According to Forbes, our consumption rate of clothing is up 400% from 20 years ago.

Slow Fashion is the opposite of fast food.  Slow fashion is also about enjoying an art form. Even being a part of it.  It is fashion where garments have been worked through time and time again until they are right.  Fashion where pieces have been hand-made to hold up and last. Clothes that deliver because they have been beautifully designed and made with lasting quality. There is a reason why designer clothes stand the test of time and work from season-to-season.



















Wikipedia describes the Slow Movement well.  “it is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better. The Slow philosophy is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace. It’s about seeking to do everything at the right speed.  Savoring the hours and minutes rather than just counting them.  Doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible. It’s about quality over quantity in everything from work to food to parenting.” We at purplemaroon would add "everything from the garments we wear."

purplemaroon pieces are created with the Slow philosophy.  Our pieces are built on quality.  They will stand the test of time and work from season-to-season.  Our clothes from their very conception have been hand-made, worked and re-worked.  Each detail has been labored over to get it just right.  Josephine’s designs showcase her years of experience.  She knows what works on the body, how the fabric will react or hang just so, where a seam will lie to be a better fit or be more appealing. Even how the tag is attached and its effects to the garment have been considered.  From the luxurious fabrics all the way through to design and manufacturing we have labored to create the best clothing. Wearing a purplemaroon piece is truly like wearing a work of art.  

Creating these garments is about creating pieces that maintain quality, beauty, and great design.  Being a part of the Slow fashion movement means we are joined with people who “love what they do, and aspire to make a difference in the world in a creative and innovative way. Fashion designers [who] are ensuring the longevity of their clothing by sourcing high quality fabrics, offering traditional cuts and creating, beautiful, timeless pieces.  Encouraging classic design over passing trends.” notjustalabel

Take all the quality that is being put into our clothes and compare it also to the change these types of purchases can make for our world.  Not only for the environment, but also for the human beings who work in the factories under poor conditions.  The human rights violations and unregulated pollution due to cheap “fast fashion” alone should stir you. Read more about this revolution here: today show, npr, forbes, fortune.  

Will you join us in the Slow Fashion movement? describes well a step in the right direction for all for us.  “Getting started in the slow fashion movement doesn’t necessarily mean we need to knit our own socks; we simply need to make more conscious shopping decisions. It is about stepping back to reassess what is really important to us.“  We need to weigh each purchase as a quick-use and throw away item versus something that will last.  Less is more even with fashion.

When we make decisions based on personal passions, an awareness to others and to the environment occurs. Our willingness to act responsibly creates positive change.

By being a part of Slow Fashion movement, you are making a difference and making our world better place.  

Next time you go shopping, just take it slow. If you justify your purchases by cost-per-wear or just buy for the artistry and higher value, either way getting dressed is easier and feels great knowing you are making a difference.  A long-term piece will deliver season after season and is worth far more than a handful of disposable ones.

purplemaroon is also proud to partner with both Etsy and Scoutmob.  These sites focus on creative entrepreneurs and local artisans who love to showcase inspired goods and who promote an authentic shopping experience.

This week we celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th.  Join us in our effort to make positive change.  Join us at  


Made in the USA from start to finish.


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