A Signature Wardrobe Staple

We are excited to announce that purplemaroon's signature Ribbon Tie Dress is back in new colors: a deep purple, teal blue and magenta.

The purplemaroon Ribbon Tie Dress has been a best-seller and it is no wonder why.  The versatility it can bring to any woman's wardrobe is priceless.  It offers ease for our busy days when we need a staple piece that works no matter what is on the calendar.  On top of all that, it delivers chic comfort and looks stunning.

New colors: deep purple, teal blue and magenta.

The beauty of the dress is found not only in the soft knit, but in the multiple ways it can be worn.  The options are open for whatever the mood.  The dress can be worn forward or back.  One direction offers a slight boatneck and another direction a V-neck.  Both can be worn in the front or back.  Then the dress can be tied in either the front or back offering yet again incredible options.  Whether worn tied in front with the pleats for a Grecian flair or tied in back for a more modern, simple silhouette,  the dress proves to be an amazing look.

We love how this dress looks amazing on any woman - It truly is a timeless piece.  A simple, throw on, ready-to-go, look fabulous dress.

Check out how Beth (of Beth Animal Print) finds the dress fashionable yet practical for her life as a working mom.  In our Ribbon Tie Dress, Beth has found this piece to be timeless, versatile and simplistic.  She has styled it beautifully for summer; she shows how the dress can work for any event or any time of day.  It is a perfect wardrobe staple.

Beth (@bethanimalprint) looking stunning in purplemaroon's signature Ribbon Tie Dress.


purplemaroon's signature Ribbon Tie Dress styled with a fabulous hat.

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