Style Post: White for After Labor Day and Year-Around

Back when high society flocked en masse to the seaside or the mountains to escape summer heat, city clothes were exchanged for summer whites.  With the return of fall, people came back to city life, put their summer clothes away, and once more formal wear again donned the streets. Since the summer season was bracketed by Memorial Day to Labor day, born was the style rule “No white after Labor Day.”


Gone is the day that white isn't for after Labor Day. Pushing the envelope and bending style rules is part of the fun and this one is no exception.  Whereas white is a light, refreshing color for the summer, it still offers a bright and striking option for when the temperatures dip low. With snow on the ground, go with the polar opposite.  We are endorsing the color year-round.


Try purplemaroon’s essentials offered in soft, microfiber Heather Creme knits. What better way to stand out in a sea of black and grey?


purplemaroon Cap Sleeve Dress in Heather Creme

purplemaroon's Cap Sleeve Dress in Heather Creme


Cropped Top, Cascade Pencil Skirt, and Silk Vest

purplemaroon's Racerback Tank and Cascade Pencil Skirt in Heather Creme. 


Cropped Top and Cascade Pencil Skirt

purplemaroon's Cropped Top and Cascade Pencil Skirt in Heather Creme. 


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