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The Pursuit of a Dream | purplemaroon


Passions drive us in life. They help determine and steer what we pursue. Wherever our life takes us, it is the paths of our dreams that we really want to travel down. Sometimes we are given a quick start, other times not. Sometimes our passions go all the way back to our roots.


The idea of purplemaroon was seeded in a young girl growing up in Vietnam.  Designer Josephine Tchang grew up in a family whose business was fashion. From a young age, she would tag along to be given small tasks at her mother’s design school. Her tasks grew and by the time she was 13, she was teaching others. By 15 Josephine had started her first business with a cousin designing and selling jeans. Throughout her youth, there was no part of the fashion business Josephine had not tried or learned firsthand.



Behind the scenes photoshoot


It wasn’t until later that she would return to the lessons of her youth.  In college, Josephine started out with the desire to be a nurse. But after her first anatomy class, she knew this idea was to be lost. Others pushed her in the direction of the talents and creativity they saw in her. Changing her major to Fashion Design, her inherent potential began to shine.


Josephine’s intrinsic pursuit of excellence drove her to go to the best fashion designs schools, New York FIT and the Fashion Knitwear program at Central Saint Martins in London to name a few. It was then her personal dreams were sparked and started to ignite. Her career launched early, and she quickly found herself as the lead designer and design director of a fashion brand based in San Francisco.


purplemaroon sketches


20 years later, Josephine found a deep-seated dream still tugged at her. Knowing It was time to put her lifetime of experience together, she ventured out to forge a new road.  Through a leap of courage, Josephine left the comfortable to embrace a long-brewing idea: beginning a fashion label she could call all her own. Born was purplemaroon.




In purplemaroon, Josephine’s talents are voiced through her love of quality fabrics, her unleashed creativity, her incredible, modern designs, and her oversight of superior workmanship.  purplemaroon is the culmination of years of learning, training, and doing. It is the vehicle which she now can combine her best skills into works of wearable art for others.  



purplemaroon is a pursuit with deep-seated ardour for exceptional fashion design. Josephine combines personal fortitude and hard work with her passion to create clothes that she and her friends want to wear. Her designs are approachable, yet she does it all at affordable prices enabling each woman to wear clothes that compliment and cause one’s inner beauty to shine through.


See the difference and discover purplemaroon for yourself.

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